Nature itineraries

Nature itineraries

Camera & Caffè Cenni bed & breakfast, located in Fosso Ghiaia, just 1.5 km from the ancient pinewood of Ravenna (Classe) and the pristine and naturalistic beach of Bassona, 10 km from the salt pans of Cervia.

``La Bassona`` Beach

3 km away, the Bassona di Ravenna beach is located in the Fosso Ghiaia hamlet, inside the Foce del Bevano Nature Reserve. It is a beautiful beach of soft golden sand, with wild and uncontaminated charm, increased by the total lack of services and tourist facilities. The coastline is wide and long kilometers, edged everywhere by a large pine forest and, in a stretch of about 1000 meters, also by a beautiful dune system. The sea is very beautiful, blue and clear, with sloping and sandy bottoms, ideal for swimming and bathing. To reach the beach you must take the SS16, leave it at Fosso Ghiaia and then turn towards the mouth of the Bevano along a dirt road.

Classe Pine forest

The Pinewood of Classe. The pine woods of the delta area are of artificial origin, as with the development of the Port of Classe in the Imperial era, the Romans proceeded to the cultivation of Maritime Pine (Pinus pinaster) and Pino domestica (Pinus pinea), whose wood was exploited in naval industry.

Cervia Salt flats

to 13 km, the Saltpan of Cervia, door of access to south and station of the Regional Park of the Po Delta, is considered an environment of elevated naturalistic and landscape interest, so much to have been inserted as Wet Area of International Importance in the Convention of Ramsar . Since 1979 it has become a Nature Reserve of animal population. From the avifaunistic and botanical point of view, the saline environment is of extraordinary beauty and is a reference point for visitors sensitive to environmental aspects.

Po Delta Park

more than 1 hour by car, the Po Delta Park. These are the environmental and landscape peculiarities that distinguish and differentiate the Park ``stations``: ``homogeneous territorial areas``, as defined by the Founding Law. For all the common denominator is water, even though it has varying degrees of salinity, it has determined the origin of splendid natural environments. And from the water, next to water, all the activities of man have been developed over the centuries related to fishing, agriculture, tradition, culture and art.

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