Sport & Leisure

Sport & Leisure

Camera & Caffè Cenni bed & breakfast, located in Fosso Ghiaia, a few kilometers from the glamorous Milano Marittima. Nearby there are numerous centers equipped for the practice of activities such as wakeboarding, water skiing, sailing and windsurfing, golf, horse riding and parachuting. View the red points on the map below to get a complete overview.

Point of interests - Sport & Leisure

Windsurf and kite

in Milano Marittima in the middle of summer it comes out with the afternoon thermal at Mosquito Beach 236, a beach with a regulatory launch corridor set up by the Cervia nautical club where kite courses, windsurfing, surfing etc. are also held. Between Pinarella and Tagliata, there is the free beach in front of the colonies, at number 39 there is Cervia Volante, huge beach, buoy lane, few kites. Alternatives sometimes windy, when it comes to thermal sirocco, is the Bagno Tarifa or the Adriatic Wind Club in Porto Corsini, just north of the dam of the port of Ravenna. They work better with winds from e-se to s-se. In Cesenatico there are two other spots, north of the port, colonies-circle catamarans area and BagnoSchiuma, a haunt of aggressive freestylers, behind the Agip colony south of Cesenatico towards Valverde. There, the cliffs are far enough from the shore so you have flat water, but in summer you need to stay outside the fringe.

Wakeboard & water ski

In Milano Marittima you can live an active holiday, train yourself and spend your time practicing your favorite water sports. Water sports are a great pastime for your holiday and here you can find many possibilities thanks to the many clubs in the area and dedicated sports centers. On the sea or on the lakes in the immediate vicinity of Camera & Caffè Cenni there are equipped areas and schools for wakeboarding and water skiing, ideal both for beginners and professionals.

Golf & horse riding

Among pristine pine forests, brackish lakes, in a natural environment of rare beauty and a stone's throw from the Adriatic Sea in the area between Lido di Classe and Cesenatico, there are several international golf clubs and riding centers for fantastic nature walks .

Vanquish street bar Milano Marittima

Vanquish is one of the premier venues in the mundane stage of Milano Marittima and in Italy. Colors, lights and sounds create an overwhelming atmosphere ... a place in which rhythm and worldliness merge to perfection ... characterized by the public of great occasions and by an interior that makes it unique in its kind.

Umami cafè cucina

Umami, right in the center of Milano Marittima is exactly like this: a cosmopolitan space for those who want to discover the totality of the flavors immersed in an urban environment, but close to the sea.

Terme di Cervia

The thermal treatments carried out with Acqua Madre salsobromoiodica of Terme di Cervia contribute effectively to the maintenance and recovery of the best physical condition, carrying out a triple action: PREVENTION: reduction of the intensity of symptoms and of the frequency of acute stages of the disease, with lower intake of drugs. THERAPY: treatment of some chronic diseases, with reduction of symptoms and improvement of the general condition of the patient. REHABILITATION: support for classical therapies, particularly for the recovery of vascular and orthopedic diseases. The thermal mother water can be administered through baths, muds and inhalation methods (inhalation, aerosol, pulverization, nasal shower and micronized nasal shower).

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